About us

Thank you for your interest in Le Ouistiti (which means finger monkey in French)!

Registration for the 2017-2018 school year is now open. Please click here for our enrollment packet.

Le Ouistiti is a French immersion preschool with a focus on exploring language and the world through the senses. Owner and Lead Teacher, Coco Banks immerses our young students in the French language through daily rituals, French children’s books, songs, cooking, art, exploration of our island and lots of play.

Coco ensures Kindergarten-readiness by aligning the French National Maternelle (preschool) curriculum and the US Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework. Coco also uses tools specifically geared towards young French language learners to work on pronunciation and expanding children’s vocabulary through daily practice.

Learning a second language not only provides our students the tools they need to become successful in a global society, it creates a tremendously stimulating educational environment and is synonymous with academic excellence beyond mere language proficiency.

Students that are educated in a bilingual environment often show increased listening skills, a better memory and become more sophisticated thinkers. Furthermore, it increases students’ knowledge and value of other cultures.

We are very proud to be in the position to offer such a unique opportunity to the little children of our lovely island community. Please contact us, stop by for a visit, or talk to some of our families if you would like to know more.