Le Ouistiti is a benevolent school

Our principal mission is to inspire children to attend school to learn as well as affirm and fulfill their full potential. We are driven by a fundamental principle:


By expressing our belief in each child, we engage our students to trust in their own power to act and think as well as in their ability to learn and succeed in school and beyond.

Le Ouistiti adapts itself to the young children
 we serve

The child who starts preschool for the first time, already possesses knowledge, know-how and representations of the world: through his family and various influences, he has developed habits, lived experiences and received instruction which we take into account.

Le Ouistiti organizes tools specific to the area of study

We incorporate in our classes varied tools to stimulate learning: games, problem resolutions etc. and pick them according to the needs and developmental stages of our students. We create an environment for young children to observe and imitate other children and adults. We encourage interactions between children and create an environment of shared attention, where each child’s point of view is taken into account within this shared learning space.

Le Ouistiti is a school where children will learn together and live together

Preschool ensures the first acquisition of the principles of life within society by ensuring an environment where children learn to live together and work together. They are taught to follow the class rules, as well as invited to create them and question them in order to grasp their importance within a just society.